Community Impact

Abstinence Education Program – In the fall of 2013, we began teaching the LIFEguard Program ™ in all Wilkes County 9th grade Health classes. We joined forces with Wilkes County schools to teach the state required abstinence portion of their Healthy Living Curriculum. Each semester we schedule a 2-day or 3-day program (depending on the school's need) with each 9th grade class. We focus on Character building, Choices & Consequences, Goals & Dreams & information on STD's & STI's with an emphasis on choosing abstinence until marriage as a healthy choice.

This fall, we will be introducing our 7th grade curriculum in the middle schools as well as continuing at the high schools. It is our goal to not only see a reduction in teen pregnancy but a decrease in the number of teens with STD's & STI's.

The LIFEguard Program ™ was designed by Coastal Pregnancy Center in Morehead City and has been used successfully for the past 13 years in Carteret County Schools. Wilkes Pregnancy Care Center has the permission of Coastal Pregnancy Center to use their LIFEguard Program ™ materials. For more information visit:

Wilkes Pregnancy Care Center has been serving Wilkes County since April 1996.